Asakusa Hisago Shopping Street Cooperative Association

Asakusa Hisago Shopping street's mascot Hisagoro



Welcome to the website of Asakusa Hisago Shopping Street.
Hisago means gourd. Why gourd? Because there was the Hyotan (gourd-shaped) Pond in the place where WINS (JRA) is currently located in front of the entrance to the shopping street. So, the name of the shopping street has been used since the pond was filled up. This area was full of splendid beauty and Edo’s stylishness as a street connecting the Rokku area and Yoshiwara Area in Asakusa. The current shopping street still retains some remnants of the old days. In recent years, the street also has new shops that are popular among young people. Today, this bustling shopping street with old and new attractions welcomes many visitors.