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Asakusa Kyugeki

2F Asakusa Kokono Club, 2-16-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku
Opening hours
9:00〜22:00(Reception hours: 11:00-18:00)
Irregular holidays
Business type
Small theater
Line of goods
Theatrical performance, concerts, and events

Introductory comment

A small theater has been born in Asakusa, the "Holy Land" of entertainment. The small size creates an intimacy where each member of the audience can enjoy becoming one with the stage, sensing the performer's very breath.

We aim to be a theatre where actors, creators and viewers alike can be caught up together in the whirlpool of entertainment that spreads throughout the world.

Theatre Hall for rent, currently accepting reservations.
⟨Theatre Overview⟩
While based on an End-Stage format, the audience seating is movable to allow for a flexibility of stage and audience settings. Currently available for use for theatre, dance, live concerts,an d more.
*General Seating:95, Wheelchair Accessible Seating:1
*10.2m wide x 11.1m deep